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TV Transmitter
& Gapfiller

DVB-T TV Transmitters & Gapfillers
Translator & Transmodulator Modules for small systems
QRA-110 Echo canceller - channel processor
SPI-300 Programmer for QRA-110
TGT-100 DVB-T (COFDM) - DVB-T (COFDM) regenerator
MTI-900 DVB-S/S2 (QPSK) - DVB-T (COFDM) transmodulator
HMS-120 System control unit
RF Power Amplifiers
LRA-112 Driver amplifier 2 x 5dBmV
HRA-128 Output amplifier 1 x 74 dBmV (340 mW)
Transmitter Antennas
PRA-012 Transmission antenna
DRA-020 Tilt bracket for PRA-012
EAS-102 Outdoor power divider, 2 port
Power supply modules
CFP-507 Power supply unit
CFP-702 Power supply unit
BAS-700 Base plate for 7 modules
BAS-900 Base plate for 9 modules
COF-700 Cover box for BAS-700 base plate
SMR-601 19" Frame for 7 modules
PMR-601 Fixing plate to put streamer modules into SMR-601 rack
OMR-601 Blind cover plates for SMR-601 rack
BUS-013 Pack of jumpers (5 short + 1 long) for IKUSUP bus
AFR-150 Diode for use with redundant power configurations
Advanced Translator (Gapfiller) Systems
GRF-010Digital TV Echo Canceller Translator 1 Watt
GRF-020Digital TV Echo Canceller Translator 2 Watt
GRF-050Digital TV Echo Canceller Translator 5 Watt
GRF-100Digital TV Echo Canceller Translator 10 Watt
GRF-250Digital TV Echo Canceller Translator 25 Watt
GRL-020Digital TV Linear Translator 2 Watt
GRL-050Digital TV Linear Translator 5 Watt
GRL-100Digital TV Linear Translator 10 Watt
GRL-250Digital TV Linear Translator 25 Watt
GRL-500Digital TV Linear Translator 50 Watt
GRL-1000Digital TV Linear Translator 100 Watt
Advanced Transmit Antenna Systems
XRA-400RF combiner for four transmitters on one antenna system
ANT-860-N Panel antenna with N connector
ANT-860-S Panel antenna with 7/16" connector
DIS-002-N Power divider for two panels with N connector
DIS-002-S Power divider for two panels with 7/16" connector
DIS-003-N Power divider for three panels with N connector
DIS-003-S Power divider for three panels with 7/16" connector
DIS-004-N Power divider for four panels with N connector
DIS-004-S Power divider for four panels with 7/16" connector